Colombia photo gallery

(and by Colombia, we mean Bogota)

Como se dice en Español, “a diamond in the rough”? That’s Bogota. Or maybe an emerald would be a more appropriate gem to compare it to—one of the most productive emerald mines in the world is just a few miles from the city. Huge (almost 9 million) and high (almost 9000 ft up), Bogota is vibrant and gritty. For sure it’s not for everyone, but we loved our time there. Here’s some of what made our visit so special:

  • Streets of Bogota

  • Museo D’Oro (the Gold Museum)—incredible pre-Columbian artifacts.

  • Street art—the most amazing we’ve ever seen.

  • A super-fun bike tour, highlights of which included playing Tejo (an insane Colombian pastime similar to horseshoes, but with explosions) and not dying in the Bogota traffic.

  • Views from atop Monserrate, elevation ~10,000 ft.