Scotland Photos 

Our general impressions of Scotland as we wended our way from Edinburgh to the Highlands. Our road trip included:

  • the Isle of Skye, including the town of Portree, the Faerie Pools, and so much more.

  • Inverness, on the shores of Loch Ness, where we impersonated civilized people and had High Tea

  • Fort William and environs, including the mountain resort of Ben Nevis, Neptune’s Staircase, and a mildly Harry Potter-flavored steam train

  • Braemar, home of the Junior Highland Games.* They throw a mean ceilidh**, too.

  • Glasgow, a town full of blah except for its awesome Necropolis. No, really.

  • Oh, and we saw about a million castles along the way, including Balmoral. But not the big daddy of them all, alas.

  • Also this, for all you bagpipe fans out there.***

*Braemar also hosts the regular Highland Games too, but given our sweep of the Junior version, I’m not sure they’d allow Adam or I to compete. The scaredy cats.

**A Ceilidh (pronounced CAY-lee) is a traditional Scottish dance, with live music and folk dancing. Sort of a hoedown, but with kilts.

***Just kidding! Nobody likes the bagpipe.